Doodle of the Day: My Art Journey + The Wonderful Cross

Today I have something doodly to share. One doodle was drawn yesterday and one today; both were drawn with Tayasui Sketches on my iPhone 4. Here’s the first one. It’s the story of my art journey:

My Art Journey

(that weird half-formed A/star is my way of signing off my pieces since A is for Antelune, y’know)

When I was young I used to draw lots. I also painted. Then I stopped doing that for a while, but I still liked doodling on my notes. In lectures I would doodle and doodle on the margins of my foolscap paper. While most of my friends would pass notes to stave off boredom, I would doodle. I never took it further than that though.

Later on, I started taking photographs and editing them using photo apps. I had this deadly fear of Photoshop and I’m not even sure why! I think it’s because everything looked so complicated and I never had the patience to sit down and go through tutorials. Instead, I took to Tayasui Sketches (sketch app) and PicMonkey instead. I use PicMonkey to make some graphics for my blogs and it’s a great and simple image editor with design tools thrown in.

A year later, I decided to try my hand at GIMP because I was trying to create stuff for Society6. It didn’t turn out so bad, and I was pretty pleased that I had gotten over my fear of image editors that looked like PS. As I recently joined my church’s social media team (design + copywriting), I decided that I needed to learn PS and get better at it. I took the plunge and the psychological barrier was broken. Years after my initial fear, I finally realised that… it wasn’t that bad after all. I’m exploring my options in PS now and am really pleased that I’m learning many new things without fear of failure. I’m also extremely glad and grateful that my prayer at the start of 2014 was answered – I prayed that God would nurture my skills and interest in visual art, and it has happened so gradually that I never noticed!

This brings me to the next doodle…

The Wonderful Cross

Some of my friends were having a rough day today, and I immediately felt like cheering them up with a doodle. The first thing I thought of was the wonderful Cross, signifying the risen Christ, and this Cross has all manner of confetti, hearts, and stars bursting from it as a massive blast of Love! It’s wonderful how much inspiration His love has given me, and I pray that everyone may experience it in abundance like I have. It’s all about how open your heart is to receiving His love, that’s all.

To end this doodle post off, I’ll just say that I have some really exciting design plans for four posters and they came to me randomly just now. Also had this really cool dream about blood moons yesterday and am going to transcribe the dream into a story. I’m looking forward to making these projects a reality!


iPhone wallpapers II

Here are more free iPhone wallpapers for everyone to download! I’ve posted them in the order that I made them! Most of them are for iPhone 5 except the last one (“Lemons are Better”) because I lost my iPhone and had to go back to using my busted up iPhone 4… Sad times. But at least Tayasui Sketches works fine on it! Be sure to leave my watermark on if you use these images, and if credit/link me if you use them on your site.


Someday We'll Meet Beyond the Stars
Someday We’ll Meet Beyond the Stars
Goodbye Mr. Giraffe
Goodbye Mr. Giraffe
Panda hugs kitty
Panda hugs kitty
Patpat Mr. Giraffe
Patpat Mr. Giraffe
Lemons are Better
Lemons are Better


Okay I realise I haven’t posted any music I’ve composed up here. I shall have to remedy that…

DIY: Using iPhone apps to make your own wallpaper

Recently I haven’t been doing much except my thesis. Well okay, I’ve also been playing with my new puppy and doodling randomly. Here are two iPhone 5 wallpapers I’ve designed using only iPhone apps (Tayasui Sketches for the designs, Frame Magic for the oval frame in the second one and Picsart for the watermarks).

The Gift

I didn’t start out trying to make free wallpapers, honestly. I’ve just been fiddling around on Tayasui Sketches for a few months now.  (Tayasui Sketches is a brilliantly simple but flexible sketching app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and everyone should try it out at least once!) My sketches started out really simple, but the results turned out to be better than anything I’ve ever achieved on Photoshop. I guess I’m just more of a pen and paper person, and Tayasui Sketches has really helped me translate my ideas into digital art so much better than Photoshop.

If you were wondering, I was using my finger, not a stylus, to do these digital drawings. It was a challenge, given that the iPhone screen is already so small. Aaaand I only just realised that I could have zoomed into the images to edit them instead of trying for precision on such a small screen. Ah well, I will console myself by pretending to be practicing controlled precision work.

For those of you who want to download these and use them as iPhone 5 wallpapers, feel free to do so! Simply click and save. I’ve also set up a page for easy viewing of my designs on antelune and you can check back for more of my designs or free downloadables.

For those of you who want to try your hand at making iPhone wallpapers, here are some tips:

1) First, draw your design on an app such as Tayasui Sketches. You could also do collages with other apps like Vintage Deco, which has really nice vintage prints you can use. Fiddle around with different things and experiment to see what works best.


2) If your design is the size of a full iPhone screen, then you can simply use it as a wallpaper straight away. If your design is smaller than that, then you have to create a frame that is as big as your iPhone screen.

3) I used Frame Magic for this in the design below (I love kitties, by the way). Simply use a canvas ratio of 9:16, then manipulate the shape tool to get an oval shaped (or whatever other shape you choose) frame. Adjust your image inside the frame and change the color of the frame background. There’s a custom colour picker so just get creative with the colour combinations.

4) If you want to watermark your images like me, you can use any app that can insert text on an image. I used the “Draw” function in Picsart to draw my text in any shape I want. Well, that’s it. Pretty simple, right?

Hope you enjoy my wallpapers! I’m using the kitty one right now for my lock screen, heh. The kitty is called Haru, by the way. And he offers you a flower because he wants to be friends with you. Why not adopt Haru and let him live on your phone? 😉