Dangerous Games

You take one step
then stop.

The other children are waiting
on the roundabout.
They goad and coax,
but you turn your head
away and say

“dangerous games only get people hurt”

They cry out, stubborn sirens,
to the feel-good side of you.
Just one round! Just one round!
You stop and stare at the
sea of smiles around you.
They are too inviting and
too many to resist. You
spin faster and faster, turning
yellows spinning reds ’til you’ve
drowned in the light, in the sound –

You lose control,
your balance falters

A gentle   p u s h,
and you fall, dizzy and
scared, onto to the sidewalk,
knees scraped, arms bruised,
heart torn.

Your turn is over, they say

They laugh –
and this time,

You join in.


Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.


Our Paper Memories

It stood in its pale glory
on my mantelpiece
all paper and

The colours faded;
beige green blue
twirling twining twisting
into a six-faced
fragile origami box

I wonder how you made it
straight-edged sides and all
you never said anything
just smiled and merged back into
the passing wave of
smiling people on the street

I felt safe
with that box by my side
until yesterday
the wind blew it out of the window
into the rain
onto my rose bushes
blooming red petals

I brought in the paper pieces
their secrets and memories
soggy; thorn-pricked
beige people in green shirts
green shirts in blue seas

They drowned silently
lost in the cosmos
You left me

I don’t know how to piece them back
I wish you’d taught me.


Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.

Red Miasma

A curious sight of black and white
A spitting, hitting bunch of nerves
femme fatale feline screaming hoarse
obscenities over the white noise of
broken bottles, emptied crates and
a drunken menace.

Some arcane ritual in the dead of
night. Demon glaze the eyeballs red
a miasma mist that once seemed too
sane. A futile trap, nonetheless
the gaudy rouge, the ragged breath
the streaks of red in her ragged hair
the strumming lights, like some
clairvoyant eye, seeks to prophesise
some divine wonder. Yet fails to see
the flecks of red, mutilated, that left it

Blind and staring.


Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.


We didn’t know
We didn’t care

for all the people who
passed us by:
the cycler with the roving eye
the noisy families who stopped to stare
the lonely walker with silver hair

It was as if the world had
Stopped. And time
was meant for
you and I

the world we made was staged within
four weathered pillars set in stone
inside, a place we called our own;
a haven from our busy lives,
a secret safe from prying eyes

We didn’t know
We didn’t care

the sun, the sand, the stones, the sea
all envious of our reverie
yet, oblivious to them all were we –
our world could only hold the sounds
of beating hearts and breaking waves
of fluid words and flirty breeze
and dreamers in a violet haze

And if the world had stopped turning
and if Hell’s fires had stopped burning

We wouldn’t know
We wouldn’t care

(for all the world had
Stopped. And time
was only meant for
you and I)


Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.


When skies are in the gloaming
And dreams are in the making
When a dead world sleeps on

How about the androids?
Metal men with circuits for brains
and wires for hearts
Do they dream of genies
mirrors and magic
carpets that fly?

Do they dream of autumn
and apple-picking
and lying with the sun on their backs?

And at night do they sing their
strange lullabies
counting electric sheep that
jump over a million wire fences
too high to climb?


Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.

In Justice

Try not to
stem the words
your body makes; the way
they susurrate, linger, grow,
reverberate in the middle spaces
people are afraid to go, where
blinds are drawn, to hide the
dawning light of something
going wrong

In the court
of other minds
You’re tried and found
They make you face the sun
because your back’s against
the shadows, you disloyal child
Traitors to our peace cannot
leave until we’re done with
you undone

I kneel
I gape
The tide waits – no –
The tide washes over me.

Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.

Not To Disturb

You’ll see now:
I weave magic thick as nets
My hair, like ivy, hides the doors

       Have I not made it clear?
Stop reading
Stop rending –
this secret house
this abomination, my friends
curling on the walls

Of goats and cars
A door for every dream
A dream for every dime
The salesmen preach
There’s just something so
sublime about Pandora’s box

I put out signs
I change the locks
Not to disturb
The pale people’s sleep

Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.