An Upcoming Change

Ah, I know this blog has been neglected, and I’ve been feeling bad for keeping it on the backburner. But I’ve discovered that it’s tough work keeping up with posts when I’m trying to juggle a full-time job with serving in two church ministries, honing my artistic/musical skills and being present in my rather active social life. Anyway, artists go through harvest/fallow cycles and now I happen to be readying the ground, not so much harvesting the fruits of my labour (that’s what I like to tell myself, but it’s also true!)

The good news: I’m going to continue keeping this space up. I’m not sure who reads this, but props to my friends who do; I’m glad you enjoy reading my random and sporadic posts. The even better news: I’m going to start taking my artistic portfolio seriously, and will be converting this site into a gallery of my creative progress.

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Doodle of the Day: My Art Journey + The Wonderful Cross

Today I have something doodly to share. One doodle was drawn yesterday and one today; both were drawn with Tayasui Sketches on my iPhone 4. Here’s the first one. It’s the story of my art journey:

My Art Journey

(that weird half-formed A/star is my way of signing off my pieces since A is for Antelune, y’know)

When I was young I used to draw lots. I also painted. Then I stopped doing that for a while, but I still liked doodling on my notes. In lectures I would doodle and doodle on the margins of my foolscap paper. While most of my friends would pass notes to stave off boredom, I would doodle. I never took it further than that though.

Later on, I started taking photographs and editing them using photo apps. I had this deadly fear of Photoshop and I’m not even sure why! I think it’s because everything looked so complicated and I never had the patience to sit down and go through tutorials. Instead, I took to Tayasui Sketches (sketch app) and PicMonkey instead. I use PicMonkey to make some graphics for my blogs and it’s a great and simple image editor with design tools thrown in.

A year later, I decided to try my hand at GIMP because I was trying to create stuff for Society6. It didn’t turn out so bad, and I was pretty pleased that I had gotten over my fear of image editors that looked like PS. As I recently joined my church’s social media team (design + copywriting), I decided that I needed to learn PS and get better at it. I took the plunge and the psychological barrier was broken. Years after my initial fear, I finally realised that… it wasn’t that bad after all. I’m exploring my options in PS now and am really pleased that I’m learning many new things without fear of failure. I’m also extremely glad and grateful that my prayer at the start of 2014 was answered – I prayed that God would nurture my skills and interest in visual art, and it has happened so gradually that I never noticed!

This brings me to the next doodle…

The Wonderful Cross

Some of my friends were having a rough day today, and I immediately felt like cheering them up with a doodle. The first thing I thought of was the wonderful Cross, signifying the risen Christ, and this Cross has all manner of confetti, hearts, and stars bursting from it as a massive blast of Love! It’s wonderful how much inspiration His love has given me, and I pray that everyone may experience it in abundance like I have. It’s all about how open your heart is to receiving His love, that’s all.

To end this doodle post off, I’ll just say that I have some really exciting design plans for four posters and they came to me randomly just now. Also had this really cool dream about blood moons yesterday and am going to transcribe the dream into a story. I’m looking forward to making these projects a reality!

Throwback Thursday: Old Paintings + WIP

While tidying up some stuff on my very messy computer, I found two old paintings of mine. They’re really old, probably done for an art assignment when I was 13 or so. The assignment required us to do 9 4×4 squares of art, each with a theme/subject to keep to. I liked these two the most and took pictures of them with my ancient Nokia handphone before misplacing them somewhere in my cupboard.

I sometimes wonder how differently my art work would have turned out if I had gone to art college instead of studying English Literature and other academic subjects. Then again, wondering about hypotheticals doesn’t do much in the way of improvement. Did I ever mention how much anxiety I had just picking up the brush again? When I was younger, I painted because it was fun. I told my mom I wanted to be an artist. When I grew older and was swamped with school work I had little time to devote to art. It became a source of anxiety for me because I kept dwelling upon the missed chances, the many years in which I could have improved my skills but didn’t and worst of all, how good other people already were. Even when I had time I would resist doing art. I felt paralysed.

Things changed recently. I went through a period of anxiety about my health and other things. It was one of the worst times of my life but also became, in retrospect, one of the most artistically productive times too. I turned back to doing art as a form of solace and therapy. I drew things on my iPhone and took photos. I starting writing and painting again.

Moons WIP 2

I’m in the midst of painting this. It’s still far from finished and part of the reason is because I’ve also been doing other things, like writing fiction/poetry and composing music. This journey has been nothing short of amazing and perhaps, just perhaps, without all the adversity and uncertainty, I wouldn’t have been prompted to kickstart my creative processes again. I thank God for seeing me through everything and for inspiring me with love and light – and hope, always.

One thing I know now: creating things is what I need to do in life. And I will keep on doing these things until I’m no longer here.

Living Authentically: What Antelune is all about

This has been the hardest post to write. Even though I just started writing it today, it has been floating around in disembodied bits in my mind for at least a few weeks. It’s not surprising that the first post is usually the most difficult post to get out, especially if it’s not just a “hello” sort of post. This is a “hello” sort of post but that’s not all to it

First things first though – hello and welcome to Antelune, my little space on the web. I like writing, but didn’t originally start out over here. I had a couple of blogs on Diaryland, Livejournal and Blogger, but I ended up abandoning them all for different reasons.

Recently I was blogging over at as a lifestyle and beauty blogger. Things worked out for a while – I gained recognition, got sponsorships, reviews, invitations to events and all sorts of opportunities going for me – but I began to feel dissatisfied. It’s not that writing about beauty and lifestyle was boring, rather, I felt that it was limiting my growth as a writer. I want to write about things that are important to the inner me, and beauty and lifestyle topics only scratch the surface of the outer me. I often read and have full respect for beauty and lifestyle writers who are honest and upbeat (Of Faces and Fingers, Bun Bun Makeup Tips and MBB are some examples), but I realise that it’s just not what I want to do in the long run.

I will still be running Cherchez Beaute and perhaps will resume posting in the future, but it won’t be a priority anymore. I’ll be hanging around Antelune much more and publishing all sorts of things – from creative visual and written works, to musings on various academic (or otherwise) topics I’m interested in. These things keep me going in life – reflection and creation – and I’ve realised that anything else brings only fleeting satisfaction. These are my inner thoughts when stripped of all attempts to “fit in” to society. You’d have seen the more extroverted, bubbly side of me had you visited Cherchez Beaute – that’s equally me, just not in this capacity.

In a way, Antelune is the necessary outgrowth of Cherchez Beaute. I am invested, both mentally and emotionally, in everything I put up here. You could say it’s an expression of the self, if you believe the self can be expressed in such a way. It’s about living authentically; being true to my dreams/fantasies/yearnings and tackling them purposefully. It’s about aligning my thoughts, words and actions. All I ask is for you to take me as I am, and if you wish, to continue a conversation with me that exceeds the boundaries of these pages. Thank you for being here.