She entered the room alone. It was dark and very cluttered. Somehow it didn’t feel like her room even though she knew exactly where everything was. Maybe things look different in the dark, she thought. She fumbled for the light switch and her hand found nothing. It was strange to be a stranger in her own room. She shook her head and frowned. There was probably something blocking the switch. In any case, the room wasn’t very long and she knew her way through it in the day. Walking to the other end wouldn’t take very long.

She began to make her way through the room. The things on the floor suddenly seemed much larger than she remembered. Her hip brushed the edge of a cabinet, and she felt her apple-green merino sweater fray slightly. Her hand swept a few ornaments off a shelf and they tinkled as they fell. She thought she saw a cloud of shiny dust floating to the floor but she couldn’t be sure. It was still too dark. A few steps later, her eyes became more used to the gloom. She strained them a bit and saw something in the shape of a cello far ahead, near the door. That’s funny, I don’t remember owning a cello. She paused and took a few steps forward. Now it looked more like a large floor lamp. She didn’t have floor lamps; never liked them because they collided with her feet all the time. The fuzzy shape moved. As her eyes focused she realised that it was really a tall beast. Before she could scream or run, the beast changed shape again. Now it was a short, squat creature. Now it was furry and wide. Now it was tall again.

This must be some kind of dream. This must be some kind of dream. Her mind was running wild just thinking about the creature. She blinked, and a long time later, her lips formed words that sounded tinny and distant.

“What are you?”

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