Space Dog

Ah, the backlog. I did this a while back. You can use it as a wallpaper for iPhone 4 because I made it using my battered iPhone 4. My poor, stolen iPhone 5…

Space Dog
Space Dog

Best of my iPhoneography II

Following my previous iPhoneography post, here’s part two. These pictures have been manipulated (and not just filtered) to create a slightly more surreal effect. I mostly use PicsArt, but have also used other apps.  Do leave a comment – I’ll be happy to answer any questions about using iPhone to do photo manipulations. Oh and, click the photos to enlarge!

And here are my photo “series”:

An Egg Dreams





Best of my iPhoneography I

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to taking pictures with my iPhone. My poor Fujifilm X10 has been languishing in a corner because I usually prefer to carry around the more lightweight iPhone for pictures. A while back, my friend Cheryl at wrote a good post discussing the pros and cons of iPhoneography vs. camera photography. I am loathe to pick one over the other, but in terms of post-processing options, the iPhone wins because of the user-friendliness of its apps. I love digital manipulation but am terrible at Photoshop (admittedly because I haven’t put in a whole lot of effort), so iPhone apps are a godsend to me.

That said, here’s part one of my iPhoneography gallery; part two will showcase my iPhone digital manipulations and photo series. All these photos were posted on my Instagram account (linked to my Tumblr). Most of the pictures have gone through (rigorous) filtering. Enjoy!

Song of a Streetlamp

Song of a Streetlamp

One day (I think) I will grow up
And be as tall as you
Who reach towards infinity
And shelter those below

I don’t have much, and I repeat
I don’t have much to give
I’m just a little, lonely light
Only useful when at night
People walk the paths unlit
Except the space I glow

I know there’s no comparison
Between a tree and me
I know I’ll never be as tall
Or be as tenderly loved by all
My beauty is too stark and small
No poets write about me

One thing I know
That gives me warmth
My solace I find there:
I fight the currents of the night
If only in this sphere of light
The weary soul regains his sight
And leans against me, breathing

Soft, his breaths, they bring me
life again, our shadows merge
under the trees, my light,
reflected on their leaves –

Dear traveller of the world,
My light in exchange for your love
Your love in exchange for my light
That’s enough for me
That’s enough

Copyright © 2013 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.


This is a series of pictures I took with my iPhone 5 at the park one day, based on the feelings and observations I had while there. The park I visited was the Bukit Batok Nature Park, a choice spot for peace and quiet near where I live in Singapore. I posted these pictures on Instagram as “Park series”, along with the accompanying poetry/words that were inspired by each picture. Do click on each picture to view it along with the words I’ve written – I’ll let them speak for themselves.