In Justice

Try not to
stem the words
your body makes; the way
they susurrate, linger, grow,
reverberate in the middle spaces
people are afraid to go, where
blinds are drawn, to hide the
dawning light of something
going wrong

In the court
of other minds
You’re tried and found
They make you face the sun
because your back’s against
the shadows, you disloyal child
Traitors to our peace cannot
leave until we’re done with
you undone

I kneel
I gape
The tide waits – no –
The tide washes over me.

Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.


Not To Disturb

You’ll see now:
I weave magic thick as nets
My hair, like ivy, hides the doors

       Have I not made it clear?
Stop reading
Stop rending –
this secret house
this abomination, my friends
curling on the walls

Of goats and cars
A door for every dream
A dream for every dime
The salesmen preach
There’s just something so
sublime about Pandora’s box

I put out signs
I change the locks
Not to disturb
The pale people’s sleep

Copyright © 2014 Antelune. All Rights Reserved.