The Poetics of Facebook: What Would I Say Poetry

I know I haven’t been on here much, but that’s because the school work is really getting to me! Between essay-writing and planning for my thesis (just got my supervisor, hurrah!), school has been taking up most of my life. Which is exactly why this little post is sure to bring a smile onto everyone’s faces.

Recently, there’s been the What Would I Say (#wwis) trend happening on Facebook. All you need to do is to go to the WWIS website, log into your Facebook account, and generate a status. The algorithm works by randomly combining bits of your Facebook statuses to form statuses that are supposed to sound like something you would say. For the friends and I who have tried wwis, it’s turning out to be very illuminating. Some of the statuses even sound like poetry, which is amazing. Here’s a full, grammatically correct sentence I got from WWIS: “You’re being especially brilliant as an easier version of a Rembrandt painting.” Brilliant. It’s much like Google Poetics, but more personalised.

I’ve taken the liberty of combining a number of my WWIS statuses into poetry. The titles are also statuses. Enjoy and try it for yourself! You’ve been warned: it’s really addictive.

i. Now for some people i love
Ever wondered whether I didn’t see you
But we write like a thousand times over
There’s a whole lot more.
And I like you
but they did a taste test of you

I love the choice to have no license yet
What I can imagine you
whatever it is, I can’t see it
but people say you’re having a fever.
For those nights of his expressions looked odd.

One decision, one
we are, but I don’t know
Love it surprises me.
I love you.

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